Anxiety sometimes sees you moving on with life then taps you on the back again.

Anxiety can be formed from starting a new job to a developing fear (example, fear of flying on a plane). At times I’ve confused worry and anxiety so having anxiety attacks at 3am made me do my research. One thing I have noticed and studied, is worry can be defined as more verbal and within us whereas, anxiety is more mental imagery and takes a toll on us physically.

Anxiety is a tough topic and is something we all easily hide from the people around us but we must not be afraid to speak out! If you are not ready to speak the word anxiety out loud…write it down. You already have so much going on in your mind, a diary is a great way to release the tension.

One thing I have learnt from my past experience in therapy is to write down my fears and what I am thinking at the exact moment I feel anxious. Grab a piece of paper and write: What could happen vs What will happen and list all the things you can think of in relation to your anxiety. We don’t know what will actually happen as we cannot see the future, so why fixate on what could happen?

Ideas to take your mind off anxiety:

  • Keeping Active- Try Yoga, fitness classes or as I’ve recently done, join a gym. These are great ways to blow off steam and to put negative thoughts into something positive and life-changing.
  • Travel- doesn’t matter whether its a day trip to Brighton or a weekend in Spain. Get some distance!  I live in London and the busy of life here does begin to feel like a  game of mouse trap. As soon as I head away from London I  feel such a relief and the air feels clearer; travelling is not only an  escape but its  therapeutic whether by yourself or with friends/family. 
  • Try a range of herbal tea- Especially ‘night time tea’.
  • Meditate-  or have relaxing baths with candles. Alternatively (and a favourite of mine) go to a spa once in a while. Spa breaks are everything! In addition to having a massage or using the sauna, a lot of products used at spa’s have physical and mental health benefits.
  • Read- Spend time educating yourself on anxiety, or just read for pure pleasure and escapism. None of these recommendations will 100%  cure you of anxiety but reading or doing something you love is a good way to  switch it off for a while.

For further assistance/advice on anxiety, please comment or click ‘Let’s Talk’

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    1. Thank you. If needed I will be willing to speak to University students; I cover mental health and career progression 🙂


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