Don’t be on your phone all day

You miss the world when you’re constantly on your phone. Yes, you can catch up with daily events on news websites, social media etc but it isn’t the same as putting the phone down and having real experiences.

People seem to live on their phones nowadays. I’ve watched people be so consumed by their phones, they’ve walked into lamp posts, other people or nearly killed themselves crossing the road. How sad.

Before phones, if you wanted to see someone you had to either arrange a meeting from the last time you saw them or go to their house. It’s nice now being able to send a message or make a quick call but we are now fixated on our phones that we are not paying attention to what is happening around us. Even now, we sit down to chill with our friends and we’re on our phones.

This is probably why we are so ‘sensitive’ now as we want the appraisal of people we don’t know by updating pictures, commenting on people we don’t know, expecting the know celebrities lives better than we know our own neighbours.

Sometimes, especially when I get home from work I don’t want to be on my phone. I’ll put it on my bedside table and it would stay there all evening. To be away from the phone and have time to relax, read a book, listen to music, go to the gym, go on a walk, spend time with family are just a few things I like to do after work that we take for granted. We need to spend time detoxing instead of checking what’s new on Snapchat and Instagram.
Start getting back into the habit of living and try putting your phone on silent a few times a week as a cleanse.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be on your phone all day

  1. I love this post so much. My friends and family get annoyed because I’m “difficult to get a hold of.” I think it’s ridiculous that just because I can have instant communication that everyone thinks I have to answer them that second. No, I don’t believe in being rude. I just strongly believe in disconnecting from technology at least one day a week. I often don’t access social media all weekend. As someone with depression and anxiety, it is so helpful.


    1. It’s almost like having a sigh of relief when I’m not on my phone, which is crazy to think considering a phone is just a small device that allows communication. But when people are so fixated on their phone it becomes the only way people want to talk and get to know you! Definitely not rude to disconnect for a while. I go evenings without my phone and reply to people in the morning/afternoon when I can.

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