Period work out

The menstrual cycle controls our mood the whole month and we don’t even realise. The assumption that we cry and eat our feelings through the 7-day bleed (or however long) is not always correct.

Some symptoms may be present for the whole month whether physical or mental however they become more present the week before or the week of.

Mentally the cycle can bring on distress, anxiety, upset and mood swings. I don’t tend to have these signs but a week beforehand I tend to lose motivation and gain self-doubt and low mood. So how do I still manage to get to the gym?

It’s not easy. I’m very organised and stick to a routine. Due to the routine. The thought of sitting at home on my period doesn’t sit well with me. I’d end up feeling fat (due to the bloating) and blah that I let this get the better of me. So I just don’t sit around. I get up and keep life moving.

I’ve come to realise I feel a lot better when I go to the gym and keep active whilst on my period. I feel the need to keep my muscles moving and to take my mind of the situation. The aim is to keep my endorphins at a high in order to keep my well-being at bay. The downfall to going to the gym on my period is having to focus more on what I wear. I usually put on anything and go, but whilst on my period if the black leggings aren’t around I’m not going. If the leggings aren’t thick enough I’m not going. I don’t care whether the panty line is obvious, people in the gym shouldn’t be looking at me anyways but the key whilst on the period is to feel comfortable. This is a reason why a lot of women I know don’t go to the gym during this time however, think about the ways to get around it. My gym has a women-only section so that is my back-up if I begin to feel uncomfortable in general public (sounds like I’m talking about jail). I don’t do heavy weights and I tend to walk instead of run on the treadmill as during the week on period my legs get very weak to the point it looks like I’m shaking to stay standing.

Become adaptable and don’t use your period to sit at home feeling sorry for being a woman and complaining at men have it better than us. Keep it moving!


Don’t be on your phone all day

You miss the world when you’re constantly on your phone. Yes, you can catch up with daily events on news websites, social media etc but it isn’t the same as putting the phone down and having real experiences.

People seem to live on their phones nowadays. I’ve watched people be so consumed by their phones, they’ve walked into lamp posts, other people or nearly killed themselves crossing the road. How sad.

Before phones, if you wanted to see someone you had to either arrange a meeting from the last time you saw them or go to their house. It’s nice now being able to send a message or make a quick call but we are now fixated on our phones that we are not paying attention to what is happening around us. Even now, we sit down to chill with our friends and we’re on our phones.

This is probably why we are so ‘sensitive’ now as we want the appraisal of people we don’t know by updating pictures, commenting on people we don’t know, expecting the know celebrities lives better than we know our own neighbours.

Sometimes, especially when I get home from work I don’t want to be on my phone. I’ll put it on my bedside table and it would stay there all evening. To be away from the phone and have time to relax, read a book, listen to music, go to the gym, go on a walk, spend time with family are just a few things I like to do after work that we take for granted. We need to spend time detoxing instead of checking what’s new on Snapchat and Instagram.
Start getting back into the habit of living and try putting your phone on silent a few times a week as a cleanse.

Review: Skin care products


Refreshing for beginning or the day and end of the day use.
Feels like a deep cleanser with a water base.
I have oily skin so this provides a balance. Works slowly but surely to tone marks/scars.


I read a lot about this and saw loads of before and answer pictures from women in the US (this is a US product) and having tried that I know for sure not all those women purely used this to fight spots & acne.
Read it gets rid of blackhead and blemishes quickly but this wasn’t the case for me.


Good awakening feeling when using this in the morning; refreshing.
I have oily skin and a lot of products don’t agree with me but this takes away the constant shine and really gets into the pores.


None that I can think of. A great addition to the beauty routine.


Very effective in a short amount of time.
Feels like a deep clean.
I personally use the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser in the morning and Biore Baking Soda! In the evening for an intense wash.
After 2 weeks I noticed it prevented reoccurring spots.
Nice foam texture.


Honestly, no cons that I can think of. I would recommend this product.


Nice texture.
Leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

Takes a long time (months) to notice any skin difference using this mask.


Big container and can easily last up to a year if used once a year as instructed.
Feels intense and really does get deep into the pores
Removes hidden dirt from the skin

It’s hard to get the ratio of powder to apple cider/water right.
Whether mixing with Apple Cider Vinegar or water after 2 minutes my skins feel like it’s burning. Be careful with this mask as it depends on skin type (like most products).
Preparing the mixture is messy.


Out of all the products I’ve reviewed, I’ve had this one the longest (beginning of the year) so it does last a long time.
As a 3 in 1 depending on how much time you have, it can either use it as a face wash or keep it on for longer to use as a mask.
The scrub partials while get to work on pores.
As mentioned on the label, it works effectively for oily skin.


I’ve used other products since purely because this hasn’t kept spots at bay.
No noticeable difference from before I used it in comparison to weeks afterwards.
As a mask, it is difficult to wash away from the skin.

Exotic is not a compliment

My friends and I all have different taste. Not one of my friends would describe their dream guy the same as the other; we all see this is a good thing, however, due to this we come across guys of different races, cultures, experiences, walks of life. We all meet people in different ways but in a recent discussion, I’ve realised some guys make comments that just aren’t okay and it’s not just me that thinks this. Turns out we’ve all had ‘compliments’ that are really ignorant.

Being called exotic isn’t a compliment. I’m no pineapple or guava.

Due to this discussion I’ve put together a list of all the disastrous comments we’ve gathered over the years:

  • “you’re pretty for a black girl”. Seriously, what is that meant to mean? And what made you think I’d take that as a compliment?
  • “You’re nice but I only date Indian girls. Mum wouldn’t like you”
  • “So was you born here? What about your parents?”. If it was a general conversation this is okay but it is usually questioned in finding out whether we have an accent or/and a passport which is a no-no
  • “Do you have a Jamaican accent?”
  • *Love-struck emoji* “I love reggae”. Okay, because as a black people I must love reggae too? (I do, but that’s not the point)
  • “Do you smoke weed?” Because apparently, that’s all we do?
  • “Always like black girls but never had one”. Who said you’ve got me? Want to catch something? Play Pokemon
  • “You’re so tropical” *love-struck emoji* I’m from outside the UK calm down
  • “I can handle you”
  • “Black girls are always angry, chill”. The black woman probably said nothing to deserve this comment but the stereotype of anger seems to pop up every now and then
  • “I bet you know how to cook. Do you make jerk chicken?”
  • “So do you know your dad?” what ignorance is this?
  • “Why are you not wearing a bindi?” again ignorance in thinking all Asian women wear bindis

And that’s just to mention a few. I feel like I just wrote a ‘how to date a black or Asian woman’ post but people need to know this because the world is full of ignorance. Guys if you’re interested in dating a black or Asian woman, stop saying the above, you won’t get far and we are not a fetish.

How to have fun on a budget

Doesn’t matter how much money I have or make, I’m in my mid 20’s and from South London, whatever I do by default is on a budget. With summer upon us, if you’re from the UK or travelling here, I’m going to share how I do the most using less.

First you need friends who also move on a budget. There’s no point expecting to save money over the summer if your friends would rather spend every weekend at the Ritz or partying in Mayfair. This summer the most expensive things we’ll be doing is £50 on The Ends Festival and a £45 on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea; due to my love of this childhood story. Alone, I may look at doing a weekend trip abroad but travelling is not always expensive. When travelling I do it on a budget and always keep a lookout for deals and make use of all methods of transport. I plan to have a less costly Summer by hiking, walking a lot and parks for picnics and Museums (with free entry).

I enjoy eating out but I can limit myself and save by going on picnics or carrying a packed lunch from home. I can avoid cocktail (sometimes) and expensive wine bars in exchange for buying a bottle of wine or putting money together with friends for spirits and mixers. If we go out to eat, we don’t have to go overboard. I admit, this summer I’ll be going for Brunch a few times because I love it but I don’t need to break the bank and go to the most expensive place or order everything off the menu. I like to travel so, to avoid the costs of trains, coach is a good way to go, it all depends on where you go and what day of the month. Make the most of travel cards, discount codes and any student deals; make them your best friend. There’s no embarrassment in saving money. I still use my student card and no matter where I go I always ask ‘Do you take NUS?”. In addition due to my current role I now have a Blue Light Card that provides additional discounts. Check newspapers and the internet for deals around the UK for restaurants, travel or anything you wish; Groupon and Last Minute is a good place to start.
If you wish to go through summer alone or maybe with your partner, again nothing needs to be expensive.

Doing activities alone is probably the best way to explore and save money at the same time. In addition, make use to 2 for 1 discounts or travel cards of you are planning activities with your partner. The possibilities of having an amazingly cheap and cheerful summer are endless.

Do you know your family?

A year ago I went on an ancestry website to learn more about myself. I am lucky enough to have grown up my grandparents (on both sides) and hear all their stories but, I’ve always been interested in going as far back in time out of pure curiosity and to share our history with future generations.

I have always been aware of where I come from and my Bajan Gran has done her job to tell me everything about her childhood, how she came to England and what her parents were like. Also being Bajan she seems to know everything about everyone. My mum too has been great in sharing her memories and knowledge with me. Understanding our culture and history has always been important to my family and something I had to know about from a very young age.

I did my ancestry test back in October 2018 and to this day, the results still have me in awe. Doing the test is considered expensive to some but if you think about how they get the results, it’s really worth the cost. In March 2019 the technology updated meaning my results are considered more accurate as shown below. It’s extraordinary to see that I’m not just from Barbados and Jamaica (with an Indian twist) as I’ve grown up to know. Black people all know or should know history enough to know we originate from Africa, but I never imagined the results saying Benin, Congo and Cameroon. The 1% European Jewish and Germanic Europe still throws me as I wasn’t expecting that but it’s still an amazing find. My mum always swore we had Spanish blood…when I dance others also say this so it was incredible to see there’s actually a link.

My friend has also recently done a test and would now like to be known as ‘African Queen’ due to her very surprising results. Whether it’s you or your friend finding out about past generations it is beyond exciting and interesting and I believe we should all find out where we are from; whether it’s doing a DNA test or speaking to your grandparents about history. I can now go forward knowing if I ever have children or if my nephew asks I can give as much information as possible and say more than just “I’m Jamaican and Bajan”.

Updated results
Part of the map

Change of diet

Usually, when we feel like rubbish we are drawn towards rubbish food (all the fats & carbs), like heartbroken Bridget Jones with a tub of ice cream but realistically binging is the last thing we should be doing.

When you’re already feeling down and out fast food and snacking lessens motivation and changes the ‘can do’ attitude to a lazy why bother. From my experience, working constantly and having no time for myself I would grab a microwave meal or foods that were cheap and easy (McDonald’s, Burger King etc) but then I began putting on weight. So by this point, I wasn’t only stressed and negative due to work and other issues, I was then self-conscious, losing confidence and becoming anti-social because I was no longer comfortable in my own skin. This then turned into a cycle hard to break.

There are many studies out there that say junk food is linked to depression. If you think about it, fruit and vegetables provide our brain and immune system with the vitamins and balance we need whereas junk food have chemicals and we don’t necessarily know what’s in them; ingredients being somewhat addictive.

Healthy eating for me and many others I know have made a big lifestyle difference. I am currently trying a 1200 calorie diet for the month, which is not as easy as it sounds. On top of that, the cost of living healthy in comparison to cheap thrills is crazy. I know numerous people who have literally cut the crap, gone vegan and never felt better; glowing in fact. I can never go vegan. It’s really not for me but substituting takeaways and snacks for smoothies, rice cakes, salads etc has lifted my mood and made me feel a lot better within my own body. Foods like avocado, turkey, types of fish are proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression (all foods I eat). They improve the state of mind, boost energy levels and are said to be positive for chemicals within the brain.

Changing your diet is incredibly hard; I’ve failed many times in the past but challenge yourself to a health swap for a week and see how you get on. If you can change your eating habits at least 2 days a week, you’ll be able to continue with a healthy life no problems.